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The House Mouse is one of the three most common rodents found in the US that are considered household pests. They live outdoors and enter structures when their food supply and suitable habitat are limited. Most often in the fall when seeds and nuts from vegetation are in short supply and protection from predators like tall grasses die off, mice start hunting for a winter shelter. Exploiting holes around pipes and gaps under doors, they enter structures and have a very short window of time to find a food source. Mice rarely drink as the get most of their water needs from their food. This makes them very susceptible to starvation (usually within 24 to 48 hours). Once they are in, and have a sustainable food source, they breed. If left unchecked, mice are prolific having 4-7 offspring per litter. 

It is an essential part of an effective rodent control program to find the entry point(s) and seal them off. Trapping or poisoning an indoor populations is only part of the solution. Without identifying and repairing the entry point(s), you will only “harvest” mice continually year after year.

Here is an interview I did a few years back that may be helpful..  

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